The persistent thoughts of the illusive Kazuna Bolveurk (whatever that means.)

Tales of, SMT, Persona, and BlazBlue, amongst many other things, Kazuna will think about will be put on display here, that or the thoughts of others that he shares with everyone else! Huge fan of the characters Noel Vermillion, Milla Maxwell (As if you couldn't tell,) Yuri Lowell, Asbel, Cheria, and Terra.

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neylakiiroisenkou For the wonderful Milla gif. you see on your right)

Gou imitating Rei  (⌐□_□)*・゜゚・*☆

~Endless Gallery of Favorite Characters~ 

[2/???] - Noel Vermillion

" If you long for the past, you can never move forward toward the future. It’s taken me a long time to learn that, but it’s the truth. 

Is this what they called “growing up”?

…..Or “giving up”? “



"thank you for coming to this dorm, thank you for giving me a new reason to live, thank you for fighting with me, thank you for being my friend, thank you, for simply being born into this world."

i’m sorry i’m a sucker for cheesy and gay headcanon. i think i’ve been posting art when no one else is awake lately…

Mosty Tree where do you keep finding these things XD


The Nine-Tailed Fox



  • Sketch-a-Day #8: In honor of the new cinematic; Leona and Ahri! Because I can’t be the only one who wanted this…

http://swan2swan.tumblr.com/post/92595117192/okay-but-lets-talk-ahri-and-leona-for-realsies →


Okay, but let’s talk Ahri and Leona for realsies. None of this “ship them because they were together for a minute” stuff, none of this “omg lesbians” thing, let’s get down to what’s really going on here.

Ahri is a fox. This is the first fact that needs to be understood. She is not a human, she is…



After watching the “A New Dawn” cinematic, I couldn’t resist.

Maybe I’ll redraw this to be less terrible later.

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