The persistent thoughts of the illusive Kazuna Bolveurk (whatever that means.)

Tales of, SMT, Persona, and BlazBlue, amongst many other things, Kazuna will think about will be put on display here, that or the thoughts of others that he shares with everyone else! Huge fan of the characters Noel Vermillion, Milla Maxwell (As if you couldn't tell,) Yuri Lowell, Asbel, Cheria, Zero (MMX) and Terra.

(Credits to
neylakiiroisenkou For the wonderful Milla gif. you see on your right and misty-reeyus for the animated portrait in the navigation bar.)


Updated my theme to match more with Xillia 2’s release, so going for a bit of a crimson theme


Day 11: Healing (instead of Jude) - Milla

Day eleven of this.
I chose Milla ‘cause I imagined her wanting to try imitating Jude and his healing powers, so she gets all excited - as she always does with new things - and Ivar proposes to be her cavy (and he’s all excited too because “OMG I’M HELPING LADY MILLAKJVN” but he’s also in pain and… he tries not to think that Lady Milla is doing that to imitate “that guy”).
Btw this was so fun to draw! Even if I labored to find a reference for Milla’s temple door

Oh and this will officially be my last pic even if I have ready other three pics but it seems that tumblr phone won’t upload them. Nor these ones.

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